The ultimate treat for movie buffs and aspiring filmmakers alike. Join us in the Lido Jazz Room as our filmmakers share their behind-the-scenes stories, industry tips and craft secrets.


Emerging Masters: Allison Chhorn & Noora Niasari

Jazz Room

Fresh off the back of her acclaimed, Sundance award-winning debut feature drama Shayda, we are pleased to welcome Noora Niasari to RGFF23, alongside celebrated Cambodian-Australian film-maker Allison Chhorn. Great admirers of each other's work, the pair will speak about the fascinating process crafting two of this year's standouts - Blind Body and TÂM - in what is sure to be one of the highlights of our program.

Panellists: Allison Chhorn (Director/Cinematographer/Editor - Blind Body) & Noora Niasari (Writer/Director - TÂM).

Moderators: Chris Luscri & Tanisha Hewa


When Documentary Gets Personal

Jazz Room

Documentary is ever-changing, though one thing remains constant - the importance of strong, informed relationships between film-maker and on-screen participant. This session explores the kinds of encounters that emerge when you have a deeper relationship with the person on-screen.

Panelists: Emmy Clifton (Director/Cinematographer/Editor - Onions) & Jessica Barclay Lawton (Director/Producer - The Sweetness).

Moderator: Chris Luscri


Queer Love in the Time of COVID

Jazz Room

Shimmy your way through the queer imaginary with a talk that explores the way film-makers joyfully resisted - and came together - during COVID, through works that take on often dizzying shapes, forms, styles and textures - from low-fi video scunge to day-glo pop animation.

Panelists: Meg Duncan (Writer/Director - Haze), Jim Muntisov (Writer/Director - Gem), William Duan (Writer/Director - Tuī Ná), Tali Polichtuk (Writer/Director - Are You Still Watching?) & Alex Cardy (Cinematographer - Are You Still Watching?, The Sweetness & You and Me, Before and After)

Moderator: Tanisha Hewa


Shooting on Film

Jazz Room

A third of the films screening at RGFF23 were shot on film, begging the question - “What drives filmmakers to work this way?” This session explores the myriad factors - aesthetic, economic and practical - that go into crafting a short on celluloid.

Panellists: Bonita Carzino (Cinematographer - Haze, Reptile, Lime Parfait), Andréas Giannopoulos (Writer/Director - Friends of Mine) & Faith Guoga (Producer - Nest)

Moderator: Tanisha Hewa


The Editor's Craft

Jazz Room

Received wisdom has it that an editor's impact should remain invisible - felt but never seen. We feel otherwise. Join three of this year’s RGFF editors as they break down two very unique films - Nest & Reptile - talking through some of their challenges and discoveries along the way.

Panelists: Jordan Giusti (Writer/Director/Editor - Reptile), Shannon Michaelas (Co-Editor - Nest) & James Hunter (Director/Co-Editor - Nest).

Moderator: Chris Luscri


Spotlight on The Karrabing Film Collective

Cinema 8

Over the past decade, The Karrabing Film Collective has emerged as among the most exciting voices in First Nations film-making this country has ever seen. A rare and very special chance to hear directly from three of Karrabing’s members, in a session designed to challenge, inspire and galvanise.

Panelists: Angelina Lewis, Linda Yarrowin & Sandra Yarrowin of the Karrabing Film Collective

Moderator: Chris Luscri

We acknowledge the sovereignty of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation whose unceded land will always be a home of storytelling and culture.