A Safe View

Drama, Surrealist
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Oliver finds himself present in a place he knows only through memory of his father's younger years - Australian bush & strangled paths overgrown with native ferns at the base of a mountain.
He has a receiver with him which is picking up static noise from further up the mountain, so Oliver follows it, checking as he hikes.
At the top is an image that he has again pictured in his mind but never seen for himself - a tower. It is vibrating with the sound his receiver has been picking up & Oliver cannot be sure as to why he needs to climb it, but he knows he must.
'A Safe View' is a depiction of my father's death and the journey I imagine him taking once closing his eyes to this world and opening them to another.

Jack Ralph
Jack Ralph
Jack Ralph
Lead Cast
Gabriel Partington
Jack Ralph, Adrian Eppel
Production Designer
Jack Ralph
Sound Designer
Alex Christensen
Justin Vilchez, Pat Doolan

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